Dear Colleagues,

The recent years showed remarkable progress in our understanding of the biology of multiple myeloma and related diseases and led to the introduction of novel therapies increasing our options for controlling this still difficult-to-treat disease. During this 21st EMMA meeting, we aim to provide up-to-date information including data presented at the last ASH on the most important ‘must know’ developments in multiple myeloma. We will discuss mechanisms of transformation from myeloma precursor states to active myeloma, role of genetic testing, MRD, and the impact of the microenvironment on myeloma growth.

An important part of the meeting will be devoted to practical issues regarding the management of patients with this disease. This will include workshops, formal presentations and discussion rounds with special emphasis on new data from recent clinical studies, and their relevance for inclusion in present treatment paradigms.

We hope that you will participate in the forthcoming EMMA meeting and that you will engage yourself in interactions with the faculty and your colleagues to find answers for difficult questions surrounding the management of patients with multiple myeloma. Finally, we would be very pleased if you will return home with the feeling that the meeting was pleasurable, highly informative and helpful for your clinical practice.


Heinz Ludwig and Jesús San-Miguel
Chairmen of the meeting